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A Self-Confessed Armani Exchange Watches Fan


I am a simple-minded person. When it comes to brand loyalty, I am a hard fan to win. But when I have made my pick, I'll stick to it for life. Well, not all the time though. But for most of the time, unless something bad really happened. One of the thing in life that fascinates me the most is watches. One of my favorite collection is of course the Armani Exchange watches collection.

I do not go gaga over sports car. I know some people do. I have a friend who goes crazy everytime he sees a masserati convertible. Until now, I could not figure out why and I do not bother to figure out why. But my obsession towards watches is something that is inherited and it is just in my blood. My family has a history with deep affinity for watches. My grandfather is a pocket watch enthusiast. He has a bullet-proof glass shelf where he keeps all his pocket watches. 

My dad is a mechanical watch collector. He runs his own repair shop. If you want to learn about mechanical watch movement, there are few who can match the knowledge that my dad has. But one thing I hate about him is he tends to look down on fashion watches. As you know, I love Armani Exchange watches and I have a line-up of Armani Exchange watches in my wardrobe. He likes to trivializes and chides me everytime he saw my watch collection.

armani exchange watch

I used to be bothered a lot by his opinion. But after some time, I got so used to it and I could not be bothered anymore. Well, I have to agree that mechanical watch may be superior if you look at it from the art of watch making. But I thought mechanical watch designs are boring. They are suited for the older generation (like my dad). Teenagers (like myself) and young professionals who want to appear cool, trendy and young, fashion watches better suit the image. Of the many fashion watches that I have in my collection, I love my Armani Exchange watches the most.

The reason why I love my Armani Exchange watches more than the rest is because of one and only one reason. I thought the AX (A|X) brand logo is really cool. You may laugh but that's the real reason why I love Armani Exchange watches more than anything else. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you the same thing. Currently, I have 10 A|X watches in my wardrobe. No big deal, you may say. But considering my age? I am no more than 25 years old. I think having 10 watches of the same brand is an awful lot. Not all of them are bought using my own pocket money though. Three of them are presented as a gift during my previous birthdays.

Hell yeah. Believe it or not. I absolutely love Armani Exchange watches and I will stick with it for the rest of my life.