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My Casio Pathfinder - A Gift from Dad

Casio pathfinder watches is definitely not the first name that comes to anyone's mind when we talk about fashion watches. After all, the Casio brand itself does not have the image of being fashionable. Don't get me wrong. Being not fashionable is not the same as being clumsy or ugly looking. It is just well, not designed specifically for the watch fashionistas in mind. Casio watches are known to be rich in terms of feature. They do not necessarily follow the latest fashion trend. But they do set the trend in watch technology.

No, I'm not going to tell you how good Casio pathfinder watches are. I don't think I have the credential to do so. Of my dozens watches, only one of them is a Casio pathfinder watch. And furthermore, this Casio pathfinder watch is not my own purchase. It is a gift from my father. It happened that I was supposed to go out for a sailing trip. My dad and I happened to be very close. So, I share almost everything about my life with him. I was so excited about the trip. My dad realized that I have watches for a casual hangout. I have watches for an evening party. I have watches for professional work. But I have no watch for such outdoor trip as this sailing trip.

There he goes. Being a caring dad that he is, he bought me a Casio pathfinder watch. I remember how he told me all the reasons why he bought me this Casio pathfinder watch. First of all, he told me to forget about bringing any of my fashion watches. They were just not made for such occasion as this. I heeded his advice and gotcha. I did not regret and I had him to thank for. I had lots of fun during the trip but I get in touch with the water so much that I think none of my watch could even survive. I worn the Casio pathfinder watch that was a gift from my dad. It did not only survive well, but it did serve me well. 

The Casio pathfinder watch comes with tonnes of amazing features that none of my dozens of fashion watches are even capable of. Just to name a few, the watch comes with a compass, thermometer, barometer, auto light and tide graph. You jolly well know what the compass can be used for in such occasion as this. Particularly when you are out from the land. It is always good to know where home is. I found the auto light feature very useful. I went on a few diving trip and the watch is still functioning magically even when it goes under water. You can easily keep track how long you have been under water.

One night, we wanted to do fishing. I am not savvy about fishing and it was in fact, my first open sea fishing experience. A friend of mine in the group happens to know a bit about fishing. He started a short lecture on the best time for fishing and the basic theory about fishing. But as it was not meant to be a fishing trip, no one had any information about the tide etc. Then comes the usefulness of my Casio pathfinder watch. I handed it over to my friend and he said he was able to find some of the essential information from the watch.

I did not expect a gift from my dad to be so useful, especially in times like this. But that's my story and I am just thankful for my dad for his thoughtfulness in presenting me with this watch.